Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Storage for my Makeup!

So yesterday I got two small three drawer things, $5.50 each at Family Dollar. I was keeping my makeup in boxes and top small drawer, hard to see or find things.
May not have room for my eyeshadows, gunna need to find a good storage I can see and fit them in, thats cheap. (My birthday is on the 24th of this month, I would loooove that eDiva storage thing! xDD Kidding.)
Anyways below is how I am now storing most of my makeup! :D
Not including any eyeshadows, some gel eyeliners, lip balms, and oooold lipsticks.

Bottom Left;
Here contains 3 Cover Girl lipsticks which were gifts.
A Kate by Rimmel lipstick which was on sale that week.
e.l.f. all over stick.
A Maybelline Vivid which was moved to a jewelry box.
Two Revlons and two Maybelline Color Whispers were on sale, used coupons or prizes. C:

Bottom Right;
Lipglosses, all either cheap, on sale, used coupon, gift or giveaway prizes I won.
Brands in it are Hard Candy, L.A. Girl, Julep, L.A. Colors, Jordana, NYC.

Middle Left;
Maybelline Color Lipglosses, Maybelline Lip Stains, and two e.l.f. Jumbo Lipgloss Sticks, also added a lipstick by Maybelline to it after the picture.
All used coupons or were on sale.

Middle Right;
Liquid eyeliners.
Brands are e.l.f., Black Heart Beauty, L.A. Colors, and a no name brand.

Top Left;
Milani Colorstatement Lipsticks. <3
Got 4 from one of their giveaways, 4 were extras from a relatives birthday. C:

Top right;
Brand of Maybelline, Cover Girl, L.A. Colors, WnW, and one I got from a relative she never used and it doesn't have a brand name on it.

May be tiny, but I like it. :D
I also got a new make up bag, with ALOT of room now! :D
Was $3 at Family Dollar!
Below my new one is my old makeup bag.

Thats it for now. C: I need to find time to post more! Abegael keeps me so busy. My little lovebug will be 1 on the 29th, I'll be 21 on the 24th. Oh boy. xD Til next time!


Monday, April 15, 2013

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