Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Simply Beauty.: ***400 Follower Giveaway!***

Simply Beauty.: ***400 Follower Giveaway!***: Heyyy! Thanks to all the lovely people that entered my last giveaway, I bypassed 300 AND 400 followers :) So time to give back! ...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Liquid Sand by OPI?!

So, I know I said I was going to post my review on my Holiday VoxBox, but. I'm going to wait till the tasks come up to. C:



TOP; Can't Let Go
BOTTOM; Stay The Night

Here are my nails with Stay The Night!Ignore the some on my fingers, didn't get to clean up yet, lol.

But why do they look like that Amanda!?
Well darlings, hence the name Liquid Sand! Its a MATTE finish that SPARKLES and has a SANDY feel. Its like a semi soft sand paper, I love feeling it. I love matte, and these SPARKLE!

These require a basecoat, then two coats of the liquid sand. C:
Make sure to get the access off of the brush before you paint your nails cause its kind of hard to handle even after I shaked it with all my might, lol.
With how it is be careful cause it almost covers the nail in one stroke.
Let it dry first before anything for better results. :D

I got these at Ulta.
$9.54 for one, thats including tax. :D
Currently 4 of them but I only was able to get two....
Happy early Christmas present for myself!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas! ♥
Be safe, be happy and have fun! :D


Saturday, December 22, 2012

SP Salon Perfect Nail Polish!

SORRY for the delay, busy Holiday Season!

So, I see that SP Salon Perfect Nail Polishes are new, 'cause none are on their site the last I checked. Here I bring you the first one I got ahold of. Sorry that I don't know the name. Dx The bottom with the name on it fell off somewhere so...
Its a black with fine silver glitters.
Was a bit messy first coat but was better afterwards.

Why didn't I do all my nails?
'Cause we all know how hard it is to get glitter polishes off und I had only time for one nail since my daughter was being cranky that day.
Also, like I said, glitter polishes, hard to remove fast, lol.
The culprit to why I didn't do all my nails?
Showgirl Chic by Sally Hansen's Gem Crush collection. :D
Which is a bunch of fine silver glitters with a splash of blue a bit bigger glitters.

Tomorrow or Monday I shall be posting my review for Influensers Holiday VoxBox! ;D


Monday, December 17, 2012

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Brush me Blush: International Nail Art Giveaway

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Color Tattoo 24HR METAL

So yesterday, thanks to relatives and old friends I got my hands on a couple O.P.I. nail polishes, one Sinful Colors nail polish, and one wet n wild fastdry nail polish. :D Also Maybellines new The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara; I love it, makes my lashes thicker and definately no naked feeling. But more importantly I got the five Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow METALS.

TOP ROW; Gold Rush, Inked in Pink
BOTTOM ROW; Silver Strike, Barely Branded, Electric Blue

After I used them with my fingers.

Gold Rush; An amazing shimmery gold, was easy to apply.
Inked in Pink; A light pink, was amazing in person but my camera currently sucks, plus my pale skin doesn't help.
Silver Strike; An amazinggggg silver! This picture with it on my hand doesn't do justice it was the best outta the group.
Barely Branded; A nude colour, would use as a base or high light.
Electric Blue; Here it looked like a navy, but in person its a striking blue.

I only had troubles with Barely Branded, maybe cause it matched my skin so well, lol. 
Over all AMAZING line with the metals.<3
I found them at Kmart. C:

On other notes. My daughter has her 7th month check up today.<3 Wonder hoe big my chunker is now! xD Last month at her 6th month check up she was 19.1 lbs and 26 inches! Unlike most doctors hers takes her every month, so instead of every 2 months and get 4 shots at once, its every month with only 2 shots at a time, one in each leg to pin point better if she has an reaction bad. Anyway, going to a different Kmart, lets see what I'll find then, going to possible meet up with a cousin of mine thats visiting. C: Till then, tata~


Monday, December 10, 2012

Mascaraing the Days~

So my daughter slept good last night, unlike she's been most nights. Wish I could move out, and not worry about noises. We have to be quiet, well, I have to be quiet 110% when everyone is sleeping but they don't even try to be quiet when we're sleeping. They wake her through the night and even me since I have to wake along with her. 7 and a half months and no sleep through the nights, yay me. Cx
Since I'm not doing any reviews for anyone yet, I'm just going review new nail polishes and make ups I get. When I can that is. The newest make up I've gotten is my Volum' Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara. I gotta say I instantly fell in love with the leopard print on it, animal print lover here! :) But once I used it, it went on smooth, and was wonderful. No issues. I love it. I would recommend it for a night out or just a quick touch if your in a hurry. :)
Going to Boscovs today, so maybe I'll get something there, even if its a cheap thing. Mainly going to look at baby clothes while my parents Christmas shop. Well, the little one is getting cranky, and my finger is bugging me, might make another post later, till then.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Loves

So, I'm starting a blog today. I'm really new to this so I'm going to look unlike most blogs, lol. Anyways, I love this time of the year and hate it too. Love because its my daughters first holiday season, she'll be meeting Santa tomorrow for the first time.<3 She'll be nearly 8 months old for Christmas! :D I also love the snow, warm comfy clothes. Seeing all the bright lights, seeing my daughters face light up as she see's all the pretty lights.<3 And how this season can bring everyone together.<3
What I don't like about this time of the year is being unable to give people things that give so much to me, heartbreaking being so poor, well not poor but all the money I get goes to getting things for my daughter. ^^ My mum gets so miserable this time of the year too, she hates spending money on things that don't include scratch off tickets and food. And this year she is going over her spending limit on all of us. And my dad has a kinda drinking problem, which makes him loud, thats it, and very mean. He only gets going if you start him up, and my mum starts him up all the time and when she does that und he acts his drunk self she thinks he is all big and bad and they fight a lot, its so annoying. But I shouldn't be living here much longer so I don't have to worry about it.
My daughter is getting cranky from being tired and teething so I got to wrap this up. If by chance anyone who see's this would like a review by me I'd love to, but I doubt it since I have little to no followers. But its worth a shot! I would loooove reviewing nail polishes, make up und possible other things too.<3


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