Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My L.A. Girl Valentine Giveaway Prize!


Abegael slept through the night, for the first time! She always wakes up multiple times. We would always go to bed, well atleast her, around 10 through 11:30 depending on this house hold. She'd always wake for the longest time around 10am, with waking multiple times during the night, or atleast two times. WITH giving my troubles on sleeping in her crib only in my arms for the longest time before she sleeps in her crib again. When she was a month till school started for my siblings she'd wake once then sleep for 2 more hours. But last night she slept through the night! Well got fed then slept for another 30 minutes but shhh I'm counting it as her first time sleeping through the night, she slept 9 and a half hours STRAIGHT! :D Yayyyy!

Anyways, I was one of 5 people, I think 5, that one L.A. Girl's Valentine Giveaway. Got my prize today via FedEx!

It all came like this, in one of those pull string bags! I don't know what theyre called but yeah, loved how it came! Look at the bow with my name on the card, soooo cute! It was safe between two things of those air padded pillow like things. xD

PRO.conceal HD. high-definition concealer.
One of the extra things they added for us was this concealer, gunna hope it works for me cause with a daughter the scratches my acne I got some little scabs on my face, lol. It has a soft brush where it comes out from the middle.

A light pink shimmery polish! :D! Its Backstage, part of their Rock Star collection. C: Gotta love polish! :D

PRO.primer HD. high-definition eyeshadow primer.
Oooh, never used something like this, never had a use for primer, maybe it'll make it a little better? :D Can't wait to try!

Gel liner EXPERTLY define eyes BONUS liner brush in Very Black.
Oooh, can't wait to try this one! I got something simular by e.l.f. but I wonder how well this one will be with a longer liner brush AAAAND a protection thingy for the brush which I love already!

triple enhancing lipgloss in delicious!
Omg, a lipgloss I can actually use! Now I have three lipglosses I can use outta so many! Most lipglosses usually are hated by my lips, so I loooove this! A shimmery tint of lovely pink!

Lovely Palette!? Ombre ness going on from light pink to dark purple. Think the name of this one is Parfait!

This is everything on the bag. C:

Here is a better picture of the bow with the tag that has my name on it. :D

Awesome aye!?

Till  next time!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!

Ughh, know that feeling when you enter a nail polish giveaway, like one where you REALLY want the polish or whatever and you lose? Yeah... xD I had a horrible day a bit after I came home yesterday with my parents. My mum and I had a fight which didn't end well, lets just say it was bad and yet again she blamed me for it. BHUINSRJGNB!

Also someone got one of those three drawer cube things from Micheals, I asked how much was it and hot damn is it expensive even with the half off coupon and I doubt I'd get lucky enough to have some cashier give me another half off to make it $16, well for me. xD Maybe I can keep new polishes in my extra hamper? Won't have a job till Abegael is in school. She is 9 and a half months so that won't be for a while. And maybe I can try to make a wall shelf thing, but I only have one wall thats flat, the rest is spikey. And the flat wall is where my daughters crib is, I'd only have one section to put maybe 3 of them at most. Some of you are probably thinking, "hey, what about else where in the house?" Yeah, if only. I'm a single mother, who breast feeds, who doesn't believe in daycares unless I work there but can't handle the hours with Abegaels horrible sleeping patterns, who has no one to baby sit for me that I can trust. FJHGUJTNHG! Oh to my point, I still with my parents, like my mother would let me move away and take Princess Abegael with me, lol. She can't live without my daughter, yet can't baby sit for more then an hour and a half. Anyway to my point, I am really running out of room. On my desk alone is 117 polishes, plus around 20 some treatments, top bases and all. Altogether without the decos, top bases, treatments...I have 390 organized on my desk, my daughters dresser since its some what huge and on my entertainment center. Yada yada!

Anyway the 6 polishes I posted on my facebook, plus the 4 I bought don't help since I got them before the fight with my mother. She is lucky a bond between child and mother is strong cause if someone else have gotten in the same fight with me, I'd be GONE! I really need a HUGE pick me up, like bad. D:

Yesterday where I got the Sinful Colors plus Fergie by wnw from main reason of going there was those new wet n wild polishes in those what I call lollipop bottles. I loooove unigue bottles and would love some if not all of them! But alas mine didn't have them. I have horrid luck. I go to a store where things are supposed to have something and BAM they don't have them. Like Milani's color statement lip sticks. I would love a few some how but NO stores have them around here, like NYAHHH. I can't buy online much cause my dad has trust issues with most sites. Wish I would atleast win one or two of their 30 lipsticks in 30 days think. Or was one of those lucky bloggers who got a set of red, pinks, corals, purples and nudes or whatever! They got these cute little lip make up bags too! Which I need a new one, bad, this one I am using is from when I was in 7th grade, I graduated June of 2010. You do the math, lol.

Oh I was about to post this but I forgot to add. When we left Walmart, while my dad was loading the van with the food, I was standing there, holding Abegael, my purse and the bag that had my neon polishes I posted on the page and some pants and a matching shirt for the one I for Abegael. I am able to open the door, but not to dig for my keys to open my dads van with all I was holding. The door was locked and I was telling my dad to open the door, meaning unlock it. Some kind kind lady came over and offered to open the door for me.<3 So nice, thats the first Random Act of Kindness that happened to me in person! It made my day, and that was before the fight with my mother I mentioned earlier.

Abegael is growing so much every day. It kills me some what inside, I don't want my baby to grow so fast! She is so smart, its like she knows that her Uncle is the reason I have to keep her up sometimes. xD She purposely claws his face, pulls his hair and bites him, chases him to bite him or launches herself to bite. xD That or his reactions make it like a game, lol. When I do shopping for her food and bring it all out to put away she gets so excited, even if she just ate, lol. <3 And she is trying to stand! Like pushes her arms like  a push up then puts one foot down then tries to get the other one the same to stand, but fails, I give her a week of doing this before she stands on her own without pulling herself up with something. <3

Oh how I can't wait till I'm done breast feeding, I realllly want to try the ACE pills I won three of, maybe that might help if I took one every other day and fight my body with my cravings on the days I didn't take one? xD Also I got one of those it works skinny wrap things, which I also hoooope it gives me AMAZING results. It kills me that technically I only lost around 9 pounds since I gave birth 9 and a half months ago. Damn depression spikes, damn stress and damn weird body changings! 50 pounds or so to lose this summer? I think so, lets see what I can do when I stop breast feeding. :o I miss being average weight, skinny and all. I used to wear size 9 skinny jeans from Hottopic, now? I can't wear a size 12 in normal jeans from jcpenneys... You all are like, thats not bad, thats like 3 pant sizes. If you shop at Hottopic you know that they run for skinny people mostly, their 9 is like a size 5 or 6 or something. xD Now, I'm obese, wear sweat pants, baggy clothes, yuck. I dislike my love handles and how my belly is like I am 5 months pregnant again, I am that big. (when I was pregnant I was HUGE) Like most worry about how their stretch marks look, well if I had my old body I wouldn't mind wearing a bikini with stretch marks, they show I went through alot to give birth to my beautiful Abegael.<3 YAY 59 lbs gained full term, 15 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing with only a 15 minute break. Must have been my mums greatest moment cause she was there with me the whole time, also the 5 hours of labor BEFORE the hospital. So make that 20 hours of labor, lol. If you want my labor story, message me on my page on facebook if you are interested, I'd make a whole post for that.

Anyways, Abegael went down for a nap, so I'm going to relax some. Till next time. ;D


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haul of Love!

Okay, the previous few days been busy with my daughter giving me only time to check facebook and my email. I've been down anymore thanks to my mum being miss cranky anymore, to put it nicely. My dad, friends have been spoiling me a bit to help me perk up. :) Ofcourse my daughter makes me happy and smile. But my mum does or says something every day that builds up with in me. To help me perk up they have gotten me these stuff, plus I won a giveaway by Rainbow Honey which  I will be showing in this post. :)

Wish I had a digital camera to take better pictures and so I can swatch for you all more. );

Without further a do, here we go!

Above is everything I got. (: On top of my mums pink zebra shadow pallette I am so jealous of! Only because of the colour choices and the fact its ANIMAL print!

The first three here are L to R;
Sally Girl on sale for .59 that my dad gotten me when he also gotten my sister wig caps so she can cosplay better with her wigs. I love this bright orange but no clue on name, lol.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry in Rapid Cherry! I am weak in the knee's for red colours.<3 My friend who works at a Kmart near my mothers mums house bought this one for me, including two others included further in this post. (hate my cell makes the label look weird)
Also I went to the 2nd out of three Family Dollars that we can get to. I am on the look out for Candy Sprinkles, been FOREVER now. Here I got Nectar, from change I had enough for. C: Its another that was on my wishlist, this picture does not do it any justice, its AMAZING shimmer polish.<3

My dad also got these two. Once again my stupid cell! Wild Shine by wnw is Tickled Pink! A pretty light pink.<3 I also don't have alot of nudes/browns so I got Vacation Time by Sinful Colors! :D

My dad, also, got these for me.
Left; Sage All The Rage
Right; Caramel Cupcake!
I remember seeing Lace the girl behind Lace And Lacquers swatch Sage All The Rage, not sure if she did Caramel Cupcake, but after seeing her swatch of Sage All The Rage I HAD to have it! :D

Two of these my dad got, other two from my friend that works at my local Walmart! C
L to R: Nasty Girl which is a FAINT pink ish pearl, Come Closer, Private Show (was known as Five-Some, this one is an amazing glitter thats opaque on its own!), last is Deja Vu an amazing blue with purple shimmer.<3
I think these are all new 2013 ones, I have a handful of other new 2013 ones I got earlier in the year.

These are the other two my friend that works at the one Kmart got me.
Left: L`OREAL crazy for chic
Right: L`OREAL members only

So pretty, she got them for me. Gotta love friends who get the things you say you love behind your back as gifts, lol.
Three old friends that work at Walmart got me these.<3 FLOWER polishes from Drew Barrymore's new line.<3! I can't wait to try these. C:
L to R: Budding Romance, May Flowers, I Lavendare You!, That-s Just Dan-de-lion!
 Like I said in the beginning I won Rainbow Honey's giveaway! :D They came in a padded envelope which was within another padded envelope! Such care!
They are in these cute little boxes.<3

I tried to catch it but their name on the boxes are rainbowy holo like. ;D

They each came in their own little boxes, too!

L to R: The Element Of Magic, Gilded Angel, & their Black Creme.<3

L to R: Dearly Beloved, Lunairetic, & Glittering Rapture.<3

I love love love the bottle and look for their polishes. Its so cute that I can get every one of their colours like right now! xD
I can't wait to try them all. C:

I really do wish to have a digital camera, I would love to provide better quality pictures but alas I can't afford one and someone in my family broke my expensive one years ago..ANYWAY! I am so happy with what I got.

My dad also ordered the Cupids Mystery Box from Julep for me, I also won one or two other giveaways. C:

I'm one happy camper, aside from a comment my mother made earlier today.

Anyway, my daughter learned how to clap on demand today! Just say yay! or clap along and she will do so too! Its soooo cute! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I might post later with more rambles on my daughter but till then!


Monday, February 4, 2013

9 months, went too fast!

My daughter, Abegael, has grown too much for me. Makes me so sad! Yet so happy, filling with joy! I started her with a straw sippy cup, yesterday. As soon as I placed it in front of her she was drinking from it as if she was a pro with a straw! I was like man, I tried waiting it out with the straw sippy, but she acts as if she been using one for months! January 20th she stood on her own by pulling herself up by after only one week of playing in her crib a few minutes a few times a day, first time she stood was as if she's been doing it for ever. Two days later she took two steps away from what she was holding before she fell. Learning new babble. Using her four top teeth to make new sounds since she isn't just gums, lol. Though only her one top tooth is all the way out. It's odd to say, but ass I see from mommy facebooks, sites...there isn't many young mommy's who breast feed, Abegael is 9 months and I still breast feed her, no formula, no bottles! I was told by the time she was 4/5 months by our family doctor that by studies/records I am surpassing most older mommy's with breast feeding, he was highly impressed, still am. I don't see whats so bad about breast feeding that other mommys can't do. Sure the first month is hard, I even got thrush which made me need cream, and had TMI, but when thrush gets to a point plus a newborn trying to feed your nipple is like a onion and my nipple was like a nail with a hang nail, part of my nipple, like part of it was hanging off, bleeding. That didn't stop me! I just put the nipple cream the hospital gave, pressed my nursing pad against it and just fed using just my other side. Then why do even older SAHM's stop? It gets less time consuming as they get older. Maybe cause I care about my daughter more then sleep? My daughter hasn't slept through the night yet, doesn't make me put her on formula! Then again other mommy's aren't as dedicated as me, I guess. Also supply not coming in? Supply went away? PSHH. No offense to other mommys but by personal expierence and watching shows. STARVING your self doesn't help. FORGET about losing that baby weight, I gained 59 full term, lost 25, but gained more, so its like I only lost 9. Not eating as much, dieting and such will stop your supply, along with NOT breast feeding only, pumping alone will make your supply low or gone cause its not the same as your baby feeding. Ehh, I'm not a doctor, nor is everyone like me, so who am I to say, lol. Anyway, Abegael should be waking from her nap, so till my next free moment!