Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sally Hansen Xtremewear Pacific Blue Dupe!

As we all know by my lack of posts, I have a camera that sucks at close ups, and movement even though it's supposed to be amazing for said things!

But besides that, I found a very close dupe for my perfectionist inner self! For Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears Pacific Blue! I'm going to go right in with a bottle shot then swatches!


Left: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears in Pacific Blue
Right: NYC In A New York Minute in Ocean Blue

Gotta act fast because this NYC is apart of the City Samba collection which is Limited Edition! Not sure if it is LE too, because most bloggers I seen never got this one, only the other 7!

Sunlight, far ish, clearest picture I could get.
Middle and Pinky: Pacific Blue
Index and Ring: Ocean Blue

A little closer, a cloud came just before I took this picture!
Middle and Pinky: Pacific Blue
Index and Ring: Ocean Blue

Closest I could get without it being too blurry!
Middle and Pinky: Pacific Blue
Index and Ring: Ocean Blue

Close up of thumb!
Right; Pacific Blue
Left; Ocean Blue

Close up of thumb, different angle!
Right; Pacific Blue
Left; Ocean Blue

Close up but not as close of thumb!
Right; Pacific Blue
Left; Ocean Blue

Close up but not as close of thumb, different angle!
Right; Pacific Blue
Left; Ocean Blue

All in all: To me I'm one of those people that be like; "Know any dupes for Pacific Blue???" And everyone list a few polishes and I'm like....NOPE! Ones they list are similar, not DUPES in my eyes. But Ocean Blue hits it for me! Though SOME lightings they may seem different blut clear great lighting and sunlight lighting they are most definitely dupes!

Polish take: Pacific Blue if worked right can be an amazing one coater! Lovely, right? But, I don't know if it was just me but Ocean Blue was so watery consistancy that if I wasn't careful about how much I wipe into the neck of the bottle the polish may sink to the sides of my nail. So you may need 2/4 THIN coats if yours is as watery like as mine!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Venus Snap VoxBox

Hey lovies! I got a Voxbox from Influenster recently and tested what I got out! :D
I was one of I'm not sure how many chosen for the #InASnap Venus Snap Voxbox!

I was super excited because was meant for me! This is a razor and not a disposable, nope! Not a normal one at all either, well kind of. Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace is this little tiny razor in a small compact! Perfect for people on the go, also perfect to bring with you in your purse, work bag, gym bag!

With being a single mother my showers are precious for me and I kind of rush when it comes to shaving. I always have "patches" left here and there and don't realize til after I'm all dry and dressed.

This picture shows pre-shaving. Sorry for any sensitive people! But as you can see my leg hairs grew out a bit enough for me to shave and review. But if you notice some random places the hair is longer then others which are places I previously missed, aka "patches".

Then after a quick shave of just using WATER! Yes, only water this is the result. You can still see the roots of the hair but my legs were super smooth! I bet if I didn't do it within a minute it'd be less root hairs seen.

Now onto the packaging, here is the compact on its own, closed.

Now below is the compact alone while open.

Open with the razor inside.

The razor alone. Back view.

The razor alone front view. 

The razor alone on my hand to show size.

Within the compact.

Overall: I love this! Its still easy to use. Fast and leaves your legs smooth! I have super dark leg hair thats why my roots were still see-able. And the best part is if you love another Venus razor you can click any on this small handle! But the Snap With Embrace one is the only one that works well, and maybe the only one that works well with only water.

I recommend: that you if you have sensitive to very sensitive legs to put lotion on your legs after you wipe your legs to make sure no loose hairs are stuck to your legs. :)

At Walmart the price is;
For kit - $9.47
Pack of 4 Cartridges(the razor part not handle) - $15.97
Amanda! ♥

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colgate Optic White

I got a small ish yet detailed review for you, I lost all my images from my voxbox so this picture is via from the Influenster site.
Within my Sugar n Spice Voxbox I got the whole Colgate® Optic White® Regimen.
Which included the Toothbrush, Toothpaste and the Mouthwash.

The tooth brush is amazing and on the back of the brush part has this thing, forgot what its called, but it cleans my tongue well, I love it. It works better then any normal toothbrush!

The toothpaste is also amazing, no other tooth paste got my teeth whiter faster. You see, I drink alot of soda which stains my teeth and well, with this toothpaste i dont really have to worry of the stains anymore!

The mouth wash I believe foams a bit, not sure if its just me but I instantly need to spit it out cause it bothers me. It spells good, like peppermint like its suppose to, but I force myself to use it cause all three together are amazing, and keeping stains away! :D

Toothbrush: $2.99 per brush
Toothpaste: $2.99 for 4oz tube
Mouthwash: $2.99 for 8oz bottle

Works well if you use all three! :D
Visit Colgates site for more info.
Visit Influensters Colgates Optic White Regimens review page for more reviews.

disclosure~ i received these products complimentary from Influenster.*

Profusion Eye Shadows!

Hello everyone!
Today I got two eye shadow palettes for you. They are Profusion eye shadows that I got at Dollar Tree! 

First off is~
Colour me glow
12 shades eyeshadow

Here is a shot of the right side.As you can see they have glitter, but not a glitter bomb if you don't wan't to sparkle too much! The felt soo smooth, just a warning I used my fingers to swatch on my arm!

These first three swatched are the right side, this is just one swipe so you can tell how pigmented they are! They are very smooth and aren;t glitter bomb eye shadows! My camera didn't pick up the sparkles but the middle of the three you can kind of see.

Left to Right;
Gray, kind of like charcoal after burnt.
Brown, kind of like milk chocolate.
Copper, kind of like a coppery brown some what bronze.
All have glitter, but not glitter bombs.

Now next is the left side!

Here is the left side swatched, starting with that dark brown on the left. Once again these are one swipe, they are very pigmented, random glitters not a glitter bomb and are smooth applying.

Left to Right;
Dark Brown, kind of like a lighter dark chocolate with a red hint.
Light Brown, kind of reminds me of someone with light brunette hair.
Sandy Nude, kind of reminds me of sand at a beach with a gold and gray hint to it.
All have glitter, but not glitter bombs.

Here is the center! As you can see these are vertical as the first set of three are horizontal! Pretty mostly brown palette. :)

Now onto the swatches. Don't let the picture fool you! My skin is super pale so most don't seem as pigmented when they are! Very at that! all applied smooth and are amazing in my opinion. :)

Left to Right;
Pale yellow.
Spicy Mustard, reminds me of spicy mustard with a brown hint.
Mint Green.
Brown, kind of like a dark bark.
Off White.

Second off is~
Twinkle twinkle
8 eye shadow

This next one is random colours as you can see. These ones are more of a shimmer glitter!

Once again I only did one swipe, they are pigmented but some what pale pigmented. My pale skin doesn't help. These ones are smooth too but if you apply with your fingers or even brushs be careful cause this one seems very soft, I had a mishab with the 2nd from left but fixed it!

In this picture is the first six;
White, some what an off white with a slight yellow hint.
Green, kind of a light Christmas green.
Gray, with a hint of purple.
Sky Blue.
Shimmer glitter but not over bearing.

You can see my mishab with the white, here is the last two of the palette!

Left to Right;
Shimmer glitter but not over bearing.

Overall: I have two more palettes coming up soon, all these are smooth applying, good pigment wise and are pretty glitter/shimmers but aren't too distracting. They are very pretty. As stated in the beginning, I got these at Dollar Tree. I'll be using these alot. :)


Friday, May 24, 2013

CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil & lipstick Smoochies lipbalm!

So I'm going to try to review things I get, may not be nail polish like I hoped, but my camera isn't so good and its hard for me to get good pictures.

So today I got one of the Cover Girl's new Flamed Out Shadow Pencil! And three Smoochies!

Here is what Cover Girl's flamed out shadow pencil looks like uncapped.

Here it is swatched. I got the red one, 310.
Not sure it it has a name cause I didn't look at the plastic protector thing before I threw it out, but like I said I got the red one on it has the number 310.
I LOVE IT! It goes on smooth without any issues. Very pigmented.
I'm sure to buy more of these. :)
Actually just checked out their site, its name is Red-Hot Flame! ;D

Next is the three Smoochies I got by Cover Girl.
I got (L to R) #tweet me, #text me, and #luv bug.
FYI; I swatched on my arms so yous get a better colour idea then my lip colour messing with them.

First up is #tweet me, its a bright creme red, goes on smooth, no stickyness. I would totally recommend all of these!

Next up is #text me, its about 4 shades darker red then the first I shown, it also has a slight shimmer.
Also goes on smooth, no stickyness, yay!

Finally, there is #luv bug, its about 6 shades darker of a red then the second one I shown, it its some what pearl like or frost like depending on the light, its some what a red brown depending on the light.
Also smooth, no stickyness, LOVE!

Over all on the three Cover Girl Smoochies I got.
They are all smooth applying, no stickyness, give great colour.
And most of all, smell GREAT! Reminds me of ring pops, esp the cherry flavor!

Do my lame pictures compell you? How about my review?
I don't know about you, but I'mma save up for more of these! :D
Get cha some!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Ipsy's May Bag!

Oh my god, a blog post! Haha, yesss.

So, omg my fiiiiirst Ipsy bag and its AMAZING! This Months theme is Spring Fling as you can see below on the card! :D

                                              Below shows "To My Dearest IPSTER xoxo, NUME"
I think thats a M, anywho on the back is certificate to get some off a purchase! :D

 Lookie this bag! Isn't it amazing! I love it, mine came clean, along with my other items. :)

Pacifica's Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On.
Others got other scents as well, I got this one and I'm glad, it smells AMAZING!

It holds 10ml, and you can find it for $12 here

Mirabella's Colour Sheers Lipstick in Posy.
What I love about this is it is a shade or two darker then my natual lip colour, AMAZING in my book!
Some god a lip gloss in their bag.

It holds 3g/0.11 US oz, and you can find it for $22 here

 I had a hard time finding out where to find the site and or what this is, I thought it was an eyeshadow, but noticed its cream, thought it was a cream one or a lip, nope its a....
yaby's concealer refil in honey (cc042).

It holds 3.50g, and you can find it for $4.85 here.

St. Tropez's Instant Glow Body Lotion.
Everything is tan or sun protection on that site, its a Europe site.

I can't seem to find a prize but it came in a 50 ml/1.69 fl oz size, you can search the site here

Zoya's Neely.
Its a light minty green.<3 Part of their lovely collection.

They come in 15 ml bottles, and you can find it for $8 here


Counting all but the lotion, everything come to $46.85, so counting the lotion might have been well over $50!
Not including shipping or tax!

How much are these bags if you didn't know?! 
Only $10 shipped!

Wanna get in on this and help me in the mean time? 
CLICK HERE to get in on this amazing sub! :D

Til next time lovies! ;)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Storage for my Makeup!

So yesterday I got two small three drawer things, $5.50 each at Family Dollar. I was keeping my makeup in boxes and top small drawer, hard to see or find things.
May not have room for my eyeshadows, gunna need to find a good storage I can see and fit them in, thats cheap. (My birthday is on the 24th of this month, I would loooove that eDiva storage thing! xDD Kidding.)
Anyways below is how I am now storing most of my makeup! :D
Not including any eyeshadows, some gel eyeliners, lip balms, and oooold lipsticks.

Bottom Left;
Here contains 3 Cover Girl lipsticks which were gifts.
A Kate by Rimmel lipstick which was on sale that week.
e.l.f. all over stick.
A Maybelline Vivid which was moved to a jewelry box.
Two Revlons and two Maybelline Color Whispers were on sale, used coupons or prizes. C:

Bottom Right;
Lipglosses, all either cheap, on sale, used coupon, gift or giveaway prizes I won.
Brands in it are Hard Candy, L.A. Girl, Julep, L.A. Colors, Jordana, NYC.

Middle Left;
Maybelline Color Lipglosses, Maybelline Lip Stains, and two e.l.f. Jumbo Lipgloss Sticks, also added a lipstick by Maybelline to it after the picture.
All used coupons or were on sale.

Middle Right;
Liquid eyeliners.
Brands are e.l.f., Black Heart Beauty, L.A. Colors, and a no name brand.

Top Left;
Milani Colorstatement Lipsticks. <3
Got 4 from one of their giveaways, 4 were extras from a relatives birthday. C:

Top right;
Brand of Maybelline, Cover Girl, L.A. Colors, WnW, and one I got from a relative she never used and it doesn't have a brand name on it.

May be tiny, but I like it. :D
I also got a new make up bag, with ALOT of room now! :D
Was $3 at Family Dollar!
Below my new one is my old makeup bag.

Thats it for now. C: I need to find time to post more! Abegael keeps me so busy. My little lovebug will be 1 on the 29th, I'll be 21 on the 24th. Oh boy. xD Til next time!