Sunday, May 18, 2014

Venus Snap VoxBox

Hey lovies! I got a Voxbox from Influenster recently and tested what I got out! :D
I was one of I'm not sure how many chosen for the #InASnap Venus Snap Voxbox!

I was super excited because was meant for me! This is a razor and not a disposable, nope! Not a normal one at all either, well kind of. Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace is this little tiny razor in a small compact! Perfect for people on the go, also perfect to bring with you in your purse, work bag, gym bag!

With being a single mother my showers are precious for me and I kind of rush when it comes to shaving. I always have "patches" left here and there and don't realize til after I'm all dry and dressed.

This picture shows pre-shaving. Sorry for any sensitive people! But as you can see my leg hairs grew out a bit enough for me to shave and review. But if you notice some random places the hair is longer then others which are places I previously missed, aka "patches".

Then after a quick shave of just using WATER! Yes, only water this is the result. You can still see the roots of the hair but my legs were super smooth! I bet if I didn't do it within a minute it'd be less root hairs seen.

Now onto the packaging, here is the compact on its own, closed.

Now below is the compact alone while open.

Open with the razor inside.

The razor alone. Back view.

The razor alone front view. 

The razor alone on my hand to show size.

Within the compact.

Overall: I love this! Its still easy to use. Fast and leaves your legs smooth! I have super dark leg hair thats why my roots were still see-able. And the best part is if you love another Venus razor you can click any on this small handle! But the Snap With Embrace one is the only one that works well, and maybe the only one that works well with only water.

I recommend: that you if you have sensitive to very sensitive legs to put lotion on your legs after you wipe your legs to make sure no loose hairs are stuck to your legs. :)

At Walmart the price is;
For kit - $9.47
Pack of 4 Cartridges(the razor part not handle) - $15.97
Amanda! ♥

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