Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fail Try

So I'm going to try to type this really quick cause my daughter is standing in her crib yelling at me, she keeps standing but cant get back down but she keeps standing. being a little boldy. <3

I tried to do some layers to my nails.
White with a glitter over it.

I don't know if I just got a dud or something but it was so bad I don't want to show my pictures! Lol.
I used my usual Quick Dry Base Coat by Revlon, no issues.
Then used Snow Me White by Sinful Colors.
Even when I wiped alot off of the brush it still went on THICK, like omg where is all this coming from thickkkk. To the point I couldnt even clean up the outterlines of my skin. 
Even so when it dried I put one, two coats of Ruby Rhinestones by Maybellines Color Show, a limited edition color. Its a glitter polish thats good on its own, looked amazing with 2 coats. Red semi hex-ish glitters, smaller red glitters along with even smaller black glitters, I LOOOOOOVED it.

The reason of no pictures is like i said, my Snow Me White was so thick no matter what I did.
Hoping I just had a dud so who ever else got it didn't get one like this.


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