Friday, May 24, 2013

CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil & lipstick Smoochies lipbalm!

So I'm going to try to review things I get, may not be nail polish like I hoped, but my camera isn't so good and its hard for me to get good pictures.

So today I got one of the Cover Girl's new Flamed Out Shadow Pencil! And three Smoochies!

Here is what Cover Girl's flamed out shadow pencil looks like uncapped.

Here it is swatched. I got the red one, 310.
Not sure it it has a name cause I didn't look at the plastic protector thing before I threw it out, but like I said I got the red one on it has the number 310.
I LOVE IT! It goes on smooth without any issues. Very pigmented.
I'm sure to buy more of these. :)
Actually just checked out their site, its name is Red-Hot Flame! ;D

Next is the three Smoochies I got by Cover Girl.
I got (L to R) #tweet me, #text me, and #luv bug.
FYI; I swatched on my arms so yous get a better colour idea then my lip colour messing with them.

First up is #tweet me, its a bright creme red, goes on smooth, no stickyness. I would totally recommend all of these!

Next up is #text me, its about 4 shades darker red then the first I shown, it also has a slight shimmer.
Also goes on smooth, no stickyness, yay!

Finally, there is #luv bug, its about 6 shades darker of a red then the second one I shown, it its some what pearl like or frost like depending on the light, its some what a red brown depending on the light.
Also smooth, no stickyness, LOVE!

Over all on the three Cover Girl Smoochies I got.
They are all smooth applying, no stickyness, give great colour.
And most of all, smell GREAT! Reminds me of ring pops, esp the cherry flavor!

Do my lame pictures compell you? How about my review?
I don't know about you, but I'mma save up for more of these! :D
Get cha some!


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