Monday, May 13, 2013

Ipsy's May Bag!

Oh my god, a blog post! Haha, yesss.

So, omg my fiiiiirst Ipsy bag and its AMAZING! This Months theme is Spring Fling as you can see below on the card! :D

                                              Below shows "To My Dearest IPSTER xoxo, NUME"
I think thats a M, anywho on the back is certificate to get some off a purchase! :D

 Lookie this bag! Isn't it amazing! I love it, mine came clean, along with my other items. :)

Pacifica's Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On.
Others got other scents as well, I got this one and I'm glad, it smells AMAZING!

It holds 10ml, and you can find it for $12 here

Mirabella's Colour Sheers Lipstick in Posy.
What I love about this is it is a shade or two darker then my natual lip colour, AMAZING in my book!
Some god a lip gloss in their bag.

It holds 3g/0.11 US oz, and you can find it for $22 here

 I had a hard time finding out where to find the site and or what this is, I thought it was an eyeshadow, but noticed its cream, thought it was a cream one or a lip, nope its a....
yaby's concealer refil in honey (cc042).

It holds 3.50g, and you can find it for $4.85 here.

St. Tropez's Instant Glow Body Lotion.
Everything is tan or sun protection on that site, its a Europe site.

I can't seem to find a prize but it came in a 50 ml/1.69 fl oz size, you can search the site here

Zoya's Neely.
Its a light minty green.<3 Part of their lovely collection.

They come in 15 ml bottles, and you can find it for $8 here


Counting all but the lotion, everything come to $46.85, so counting the lotion might have been well over $50!
Not including shipping or tax!

How much are these bags if you didn't know?! 
Only $10 shipped!

Wanna get in on this and help me in the mean time? 
CLICK HERE to get in on this amazing sub! :D

Til next time lovies! ;)


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