Thursday, May 30, 2013

Profusion Eye Shadows!

Hello everyone!
Today I got two eye shadow palettes for you. They are Profusion eye shadows that I got at Dollar Tree! 

First off is~
Colour me glow
12 shades eyeshadow

Here is a shot of the right side.As you can see they have glitter, but not a glitter bomb if you don't wan't to sparkle too much! The felt soo smooth, just a warning I used my fingers to swatch on my arm!

These first three swatched are the right side, this is just one swipe so you can tell how pigmented they are! They are very smooth and aren;t glitter bomb eye shadows! My camera didn't pick up the sparkles but the middle of the three you can kind of see.

Left to Right;
Gray, kind of like charcoal after burnt.
Brown, kind of like milk chocolate.
Copper, kind of like a coppery brown some what bronze.
All have glitter, but not glitter bombs.

Now next is the left side!

Here is the left side swatched, starting with that dark brown on the left. Once again these are one swipe, they are very pigmented, random glitters not a glitter bomb and are smooth applying.

Left to Right;
Dark Brown, kind of like a lighter dark chocolate with a red hint.
Light Brown, kind of reminds me of someone with light brunette hair.
Sandy Nude, kind of reminds me of sand at a beach with a gold and gray hint to it.
All have glitter, but not glitter bombs.

Here is the center! As you can see these are vertical as the first set of three are horizontal! Pretty mostly brown palette. :)

Now onto the swatches. Don't let the picture fool you! My skin is super pale so most don't seem as pigmented when they are! Very at that! all applied smooth and are amazing in my opinion. :)

Left to Right;
Pale yellow.
Spicy Mustard, reminds me of spicy mustard with a brown hint.
Mint Green.
Brown, kind of like a dark bark.
Off White.

Second off is~
Twinkle twinkle
8 eye shadow

This next one is random colours as you can see. These ones are more of a shimmer glitter!

Once again I only did one swipe, they are pigmented but some what pale pigmented. My pale skin doesn't help. These ones are smooth too but if you apply with your fingers or even brushs be careful cause this one seems very soft, I had a mishab with the 2nd from left but fixed it!

In this picture is the first six;
White, some what an off white with a slight yellow hint.
Green, kind of a light Christmas green.
Gray, with a hint of purple.
Sky Blue.
Shimmer glitter but not over bearing.

You can see my mishab with the white, here is the last two of the palette!

Left to Right;
Shimmer glitter but not over bearing.

Overall: I have two more palettes coming up soon, all these are smooth applying, good pigment wise and are pretty glitter/shimmers but aren't too distracting. They are very pretty. As stated in the beginning, I got these at Dollar Tree. I'll be using these alot. :)


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