Monday, February 4, 2013

9 months, went too fast!

My daughter, Abegael, has grown too much for me. Makes me so sad! Yet so happy, filling with joy! I started her with a straw sippy cup, yesterday. As soon as I placed it in front of her she was drinking from it as if she was a pro with a straw! I was like man, I tried waiting it out with the straw sippy, but she acts as if she been using one for months! January 20th she stood on her own by pulling herself up by after only one week of playing in her crib a few minutes a few times a day, first time she stood was as if she's been doing it for ever. Two days later she took two steps away from what she was holding before she fell. Learning new babble. Using her four top teeth to make new sounds since she isn't just gums, lol. Though only her one top tooth is all the way out. It's odd to say, but ass I see from mommy facebooks, sites...there isn't many young mommy's who breast feed, Abegael is 9 months and I still breast feed her, no formula, no bottles! I was told by the time she was 4/5 months by our family doctor that by studies/records I am surpassing most older mommy's with breast feeding, he was highly impressed, still am. I don't see whats so bad about breast feeding that other mommys can't do. Sure the first month is hard, I even got thrush which made me need cream, and had TMI, but when thrush gets to a point plus a newborn trying to feed your nipple is like a onion and my nipple was like a nail with a hang nail, part of my nipple, like part of it was hanging off, bleeding. That didn't stop me! I just put the nipple cream the hospital gave, pressed my nursing pad against it and just fed using just my other side. Then why do even older SAHM's stop? It gets less time consuming as they get older. Maybe cause I care about my daughter more then sleep? My daughter hasn't slept through the night yet, doesn't make me put her on formula! Then again other mommy's aren't as dedicated as me, I guess. Also supply not coming in? Supply went away? PSHH. No offense to other mommys but by personal expierence and watching shows. STARVING your self doesn't help. FORGET about losing that baby weight, I gained 59 full term, lost 25, but gained more, so its like I only lost 9. Not eating as much, dieting and such will stop your supply, along with NOT breast feeding only, pumping alone will make your supply low or gone cause its not the same as your baby feeding. Ehh, I'm not a doctor, nor is everyone like me, so who am I to say, lol. Anyway, Abegael should be waking from her nap, so till my next free moment!


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