Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My L.A. Girl Valentine Giveaway Prize!


Abegael slept through the night, for the first time! She always wakes up multiple times. We would always go to bed, well atleast her, around 10 through 11:30 depending on this house hold. She'd always wake for the longest time around 10am, with waking multiple times during the night, or atleast two times. WITH giving my troubles on sleeping in her crib only in my arms for the longest time before she sleeps in her crib again. When she was a month till school started for my siblings she'd wake once then sleep for 2 more hours. But last night she slept through the night! Well got fed then slept for another 30 minutes but shhh I'm counting it as her first time sleeping through the night, she slept 9 and a half hours STRAIGHT! :D Yayyyy!

Anyways, I was one of 5 people, I think 5, that one L.A. Girl's Valentine Giveaway. Got my prize today via FedEx!

It all came like this, in one of those pull string bags! I don't know what theyre called but yeah, loved how it came! Look at the bow with my name on the card, soooo cute! It was safe between two things of those air padded pillow like things. xD

PRO.conceal HD. high-definition concealer.
One of the extra things they added for us was this concealer, gunna hope it works for me cause with a daughter the scratches my acne I got some little scabs on my face, lol. It has a soft brush where it comes out from the middle.

A light pink shimmery polish! :D! Its Backstage, part of their Rock Star collection. C: Gotta love polish! :D

PRO.primer HD. high-definition eyeshadow primer.
Oooh, never used something like this, never had a use for primer, maybe it'll make it a little better? :D Can't wait to try!

Gel liner EXPERTLY define eyes BONUS liner brush in Very Black.
Oooh, can't wait to try this one! I got something simular by e.l.f. but I wonder how well this one will be with a longer liner brush AAAAND a protection thingy for the brush which I love already!

triple enhancing lipgloss in delicious!
Omg, a lipgloss I can actually use! Now I have three lipglosses I can use outta so many! Most lipglosses usually are hated by my lips, so I loooove this! A shimmery tint of lovely pink!

Lovely Palette!? Ombre ness going on from light pink to dark purple. Think the name of this one is Parfait!

This is everything on the bag. C:

Here is a better picture of the bow with the tag that has my name on it. :D

Awesome aye!?

Till  next time!


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