Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haul of Love!

Okay, the previous few days been busy with my daughter giving me only time to check facebook and my email. I've been down anymore thanks to my mum being miss cranky anymore, to put it nicely. My dad, friends have been spoiling me a bit to help me perk up. :) Ofcourse my daughter makes me happy and smile. But my mum does or says something every day that builds up with in me. To help me perk up they have gotten me these stuff, plus I won a giveaway by Rainbow Honey which  I will be showing in this post. :)

Wish I had a digital camera to take better pictures and so I can swatch for you all more. );

Without further a do, here we go!

Above is everything I got. (: On top of my mums pink zebra shadow pallette I am so jealous of! Only because of the colour choices and the fact its ANIMAL print!

The first three here are L to R;
Sally Girl on sale for .59 that my dad gotten me when he also gotten my sister wig caps so she can cosplay better with her wigs. I love this bright orange but no clue on name, lol.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry in Rapid Cherry! I am weak in the knee's for red colours.<3 My friend who works at a Kmart near my mothers mums house bought this one for me, including two others included further in this post. (hate my cell makes the label look weird)
Also I went to the 2nd out of three Family Dollars that we can get to. I am on the look out for Candy Sprinkles, been FOREVER now. Here I got Nectar, from change I had enough for. C: Its another that was on my wishlist, this picture does not do it any justice, its AMAZING shimmer polish.<3

My dad also got these two. Once again my stupid cell! Wild Shine by wnw is Tickled Pink! A pretty light pink.<3 I also don't have alot of nudes/browns so I got Vacation Time by Sinful Colors! :D

My dad, also, got these for me.
Left; Sage All The Rage
Right; Caramel Cupcake!
I remember seeing Lace the girl behind Lace And Lacquers swatch Sage All The Rage, not sure if she did Caramel Cupcake, but after seeing her swatch of Sage All The Rage I HAD to have it! :D

Two of these my dad got, other two from my friend that works at my local Walmart! C
L to R: Nasty Girl which is a FAINT pink ish pearl, Come Closer, Private Show (was known as Five-Some, this one is an amazing glitter thats opaque on its own!), last is Deja Vu an amazing blue with purple shimmer.<3
I think these are all new 2013 ones, I have a handful of other new 2013 ones I got earlier in the year.

These are the other two my friend that works at the one Kmart got me.
Left: L`OREAL crazy for chic
Right: L`OREAL members only

So pretty, she got them for me. Gotta love friends who get the things you say you love behind your back as gifts, lol.
Three old friends that work at Walmart got me these.<3 FLOWER polishes from Drew Barrymore's new line.<3! I can't wait to try these. C:
L to R: Budding Romance, May Flowers, I Lavendare You!, That-s Just Dan-de-lion!
 Like I said in the beginning I won Rainbow Honey's giveaway! :D They came in a padded envelope which was within another padded envelope! Such care!
They are in these cute little boxes.<3

I tried to catch it but their name on the boxes are rainbowy holo like. ;D

They each came in their own little boxes, too!

L to R: The Element Of Magic, Gilded Angel, & their Black Creme.<3

L to R: Dearly Beloved, Lunairetic, & Glittering Rapture.<3

I love love love the bottle and look for their polishes. Its so cute that I can get every one of their colours like right now! xD
I can't wait to try them all. C:

I really do wish to have a digital camera, I would love to provide better quality pictures but alas I can't afford one and someone in my family broke my expensive one years ago..ANYWAY! I am so happy with what I got.

My dad also ordered the Cupids Mystery Box from Julep for me, I also won one or two other giveaways. C:

I'm one happy camper, aside from a comment my mother made earlier today.

Anyway, my daughter learned how to clap on demand today! Just say yay! or clap along and she will do so too! Its soooo cute! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I might post later with more rambles on my daughter but till then!


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