Friday, March 29, 2013

11 months old.

March 29th already? Wow. That means almost APRIL! Oh. My. Lord. You know what that means? Abegael is 11 months old today, almost one year old! That means soon, 5 days before she turns one, I'll be 21! Really!? Time flies so fast, I swear it was just last week I brought Abegael home. Abegael is eaching herself how to stand up without holding onto anything for support. Soon enough she'll be walking walking on me! Sure she goes from one thing to something else thats close....but I think I might cry my eyes out when she actually walks!

Word has it the Easter Bunny is charging me around $35 for Abegaels basket, LOL! Baskets are hard for babies, I swear! I am excited for when she gets older and she follows the Easter Bunnies jelly bean trail from our door to her basket. I just hope she doesn't eat the jelly beans from the floor, lol, esp the ones that lead outside! xD Whats also hard with her basket is we, me and her, (since I love bunnies), both of us together have over 20 bunny stuffed animals, lol. Her theme was bunnies. xD BUNNIES WE LOOOOVE! Ahem, anyway!

Polish things! I went to Walgreens today on the hunt for Milani Textures....they had no trace of ANY Milani products, SAD FACE! I actually liked how they looked. xD Then Riteaids I'm on the hunt for JulieG Gumdrops! I want them all and I HOPE they'll get them! Then the new WnW fastdrys along with L.A. Girls 3D Holos I want! I hope I can get atleast one set or some of each before my birthday at near the end of April. I wanna give myself a present. My many cold walks for my mother better be worth it! :D

Speaking of the cold, I AM SICK OF IT! Its usually warming up by now but its like full on winter still here. Well for my area. Most of the time we always miss the snow, ALWAYS, all towns around an hour away get bombed while we just get the freezing arctic temps! Its still like that. The only glimps of Spring is SOME mornings the SUN shows! THE SUUUUN! But it doesn't even last an hour when it does show in the mornings. I'm sick of all these around 45 or below temps. I WANT MY WARM WEATHER!

Anywho. Anything big going on soon for you? Is anyone special looking forward to the Easter Bunny? Any polishes you are excited about? Hows the weather where you live!? :D


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