Friday, March 8, 2013

Julep Debra & Simone; Glitter Gradients!

Okay, long busy days I'm gunna sneak this in while Abegael is good in her crib! :D

I did this about a week ago and they just started chipping yesterday, even after giving Abegael a warm bath every night and all the squirmy diaper changes!

In the picture below I used Debra (the gray ish tan) and Simone (the light purple) from my Classic with a Twist March Julep Box. Yay for my dad having money around that time!

Excuse the little polish messes. I tried something new. While still wet, like dry ish but still smudge-able I used Revlon's Liquid Quick Dry, after a little I used L`Oreal's top of the line clear top coat. :)

After a few days I decided on trying a glitter gradient, from thumb to pinky I used;
Bling It On by China Glaze
Fantasy by Sinful Colors
Lunairetic by Rainbow Honey
Come Closer by Pure Ice
Mermaid Lagoon by Funky Fingers  

The best close up I can get. Still getting used to camera!

Close up of my thumb! :D

For the glitters I did a thin later a tad away from my cuticles, another layer a bit further away, then dab'd a litttle at the tips. C:

First time trying. All looked good but my pinky! Practice practice!


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