Thursday, March 28, 2013

Juniper Subscription Review.

Okay, I really need to keep posting or figure out days and such for posts. Anyway, I saved this for when mothers natures gift was gone or almost gone.

The Box: Juniper

The Products: Pads, midol, tampons and treats! ( Luxury pampering box for mother natures gifting time.)

The Cost: $28 monthly, includes shipping!

What I seen when I removed the tissue paper. :D

Here is my bag of treats! So far everything was neat, the treats come in this see through back, pads and such in a silky like bag which you'll see soon. ON TO THE TREATS!!

Honey sticks in Apple, Peaches and Clover! I loved these, I downed the apple and peaches but the clover was just too much cause the natural sugar like high got to me. xD No sleep that night and it wasn't cause of Abegael!

Oh man these caramels, I could eat these forever, I had to wait for the morning to try these cause they contain wine in them, I didn't even taste the wine, it was so sweat yet salty I loooved it!

Look at these huge pecans! Sweet and Spicy is just a bite of heaven for me! So sweet with an undertone of spicy, I could eat these for the rest of my life~

Dark Chocolate with peanuts, I think peanuts, anyway.... I am a milk chocolate lover ALL THE WAY, but I would eat these anyway, thats how yummy they were. <3

At first I thought these were drugs, lmbo! I was like, omg, wait...what? I will one day soon use these teas! :D
Have any of you tried these? If so, how were they? :D

On the card said these would be like grilled cheese in snack form. But oh man, these were like cheese its ot whatever they are called...but BETTER! I couldn't stop eating these I wish the bag was neverending!

Baggie empty, I love these kind of bags!

My box of tampons I'll never use, I don't think I will ever use tampons, I'm more of a pad girl, lol.

Two over night pads, lookie the cute packaging! I guess its called packaging, lol.

Five panty liners, aren't these the cutest? (there is two main green ones there)

Three Regular pads, oh how I love the leopard like print. <3

The silky baggie I was talking about, I think I might start collecting these baggies. xD <3

The grassy things in the box. :D Some sparkly!

What I also like is on the back of the tampon box there is the warning and to help you find the right tampon I guess? I know nothing of pads except of that TSS thing.

Over all, I love this box but it is out of my price range, a friend thats a blogger reviewed a box and the company gave everyone a free box if they mentioned her name for her followers. I wasn't told to review, I just did it just cause. <3


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