Monday, March 18, 2013

My First Official Review; L.A. Colors!

Hello my lovlies. Today I got a review for you of some L.A. Colors products!

*I received these for free for my honest opinion/review by L.A. Colors.

First of all, LOVE the little baggies they send their stuff in. The eyeshadow which is the top right was wrapped in pink tissue paper.

Here is everything I got! And you see my swatch of Candy Sprinkles on here cause in this picture is the best one I could get. COME ON SUN, I MISS YOU! xD Can't get the right lights without sun.
Took 2 coats to get full coverage, could use some undies though!
Top left; Candy Sprinkles Nail Polish.
Top right; Not sure what line/collection but an eyeshadow in bare with a matte finish - CES142
The rest from top to bottom;
DOUBLE Volume mascara in black
GRAFiX eyeliner in black
Glossin go! on-the-go pocket lipgloss in Tulle

Here is a picture of the eyeliner. It has a flexible rubber brush like thing. AMAZING to control lines, better then normal little brushes.

The brush for the mascara, may be old school look but I love it, went on smooth and no issues!

Close up of the eyeshadow, bare with a matte finish. This matched my skin so well, you'll see why I only did one eye later. I love this cute little thing! See the brush? There is a way to connect it to the lid.

My swatch of the lipgloss. It...matched my lips so it just gave my lips a shine as seen on bottom lip.

IGNORE MY EYE BROWS. Lol, I didn't do anything to them in forever since I hardly get out so. yeaaaah.
As seen I did one side like I said earlier.

My eyeliner technique is bad for this one, lol. It was easy but its my first time this this type of 'brush'.
Looking down, notice how well the eyeshadow matches? I had to do many coats persay to show a difference. EVERYTHING applied like a dream. 

Close up looking down!

Lol, I scared myself when I saw this. I was like.  What happened to my eye!? xD
As you can see the mascara didn't clump at all! :D I did three coats too!

Overall, I loooove their products.
Cheap and cruelty free!
Found at Dollar Stores as far as I know for my area, and those that have Freds stores!


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  1. I gotta admit I do occasionally go nuts and scoop up tons of their polish. I love it :)