Saturday, December 22, 2012

SP Salon Perfect Nail Polish!

SORRY for the delay, busy Holiday Season!

So, I see that SP Salon Perfect Nail Polishes are new, 'cause none are on their site the last I checked. Here I bring you the first one I got ahold of. Sorry that I don't know the name. Dx The bottom with the name on it fell off somewhere so...
Its a black with fine silver glitters.
Was a bit messy first coat but was better afterwards.

Why didn't I do all my nails?
'Cause we all know how hard it is to get glitter polishes off und I had only time for one nail since my daughter was being cranky that day.
Also, like I said, glitter polishes, hard to remove fast, lol.
The culprit to why I didn't do all my nails?
Showgirl Chic by Sally Hansen's Gem Crush collection. :D
Which is a bunch of fine silver glitters with a splash of blue a bit bigger glitters.

Tomorrow or Monday I shall be posting my review for Influensers Holiday VoxBox! ;D


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