Monday, December 10, 2012

Mascaraing the Days~

So my daughter slept good last night, unlike she's been most nights. Wish I could move out, and not worry about noises. We have to be quiet, well, I have to be quiet 110% when everyone is sleeping but they don't even try to be quiet when we're sleeping. They wake her through the night and even me since I have to wake along with her. 7 and a half months and no sleep through the nights, yay me. Cx
Since I'm not doing any reviews for anyone yet, I'm just going review new nail polishes and make ups I get. When I can that is. The newest make up I've gotten is my Volum' Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara. I gotta say I instantly fell in love with the leopard print on it, animal print lover here! :) But once I used it, it went on smooth, and was wonderful. No issues. I love it. I would recommend it for a night out or just a quick touch if your in a hurry. :)
Going to Boscovs today, so maybe I'll get something there, even if its a cheap thing. Mainly going to look at baby clothes while my parents Christmas shop. Well, the little one is getting cranky, and my finger is bugging me, might make another post later, till then.


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