Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Loves

So, I'm starting a blog today. I'm really new to this so I'm going to look unlike most blogs, lol. Anyways, I love this time of the year and hate it too. Love because its my daughters first holiday season, she'll be meeting Santa tomorrow for the first time.<3 She'll be nearly 8 months old for Christmas! :D I also love the snow, warm comfy clothes. Seeing all the bright lights, seeing my daughters face light up as she see's all the pretty lights.<3 And how this season can bring everyone together.<3
What I don't like about this time of the year is being unable to give people things that give so much to me, heartbreaking being so poor, well not poor but all the money I get goes to getting things for my daughter. ^^ My mum gets so miserable this time of the year too, she hates spending money on things that don't include scratch off tickets and food. And this year she is going over her spending limit on all of us. And my dad has a kinda drinking problem, which makes him loud, thats it, and very mean. He only gets going if you start him up, and my mum starts him up all the time and when she does that und he acts his drunk self she thinks he is all big and bad and they fight a lot, its so annoying. But I shouldn't be living here much longer so I don't have to worry about it.
My daughter is getting cranky from being tired and teething so I got to wrap this up. If by chance anyone who see's this would like a review by me I'd love to, but I doubt it since I have little to no followers. But its worth a shot! I would loooove reviewing nail polishes, make up und possible other things too.<3


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