Monday, December 24, 2012

Liquid Sand by OPI?!

So, I know I said I was going to post my review on my Holiday VoxBox, but. I'm going to wait till the tasks come up to. C:



TOP; Can't Let Go
BOTTOM; Stay The Night

Here are my nails with Stay The Night!Ignore the some on my fingers, didn't get to clean up yet, lol.

But why do they look like that Amanda!?
Well darlings, hence the name Liquid Sand! Its a MATTE finish that SPARKLES and has a SANDY feel. Its like a semi soft sand paper, I love feeling it. I love matte, and these SPARKLE!

These require a basecoat, then two coats of the liquid sand. C:
Make sure to get the access off of the brush before you paint your nails cause its kind of hard to handle even after I shaked it with all my might, lol.
With how it is be careful cause it almost covers the nail in one stroke.
Let it dry first before anything for better results. :D

I got these at Ulta.
$9.54 for one, thats including tax. :D
Currently 4 of them but I only was able to get two....
Happy early Christmas present for myself!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas! ♥
Be safe, be happy and have fun! :D


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